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The Chinese corner was established on May 13, 2015 at the FESEA Library, Area Study Centre, Far East & South East Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. The corner was established under the MoU signed between China Hanban which is the sponsor of this program and it’s a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education ( The FESEA Library, Area Study Centre, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Under the agreement FESEA Library has established a Chinese corner in its physical location, displaying (CLT) book as well as other Chinese books which complies with the criteria as per schedule through “CEPIEC” by the China Educational Publication Import and Export Corporation. In this regard Hanban, has provided to the FESEA library, without any charges for this program 300 books for the first year, and about 150 volumes annually in the next two years. The financial support for establishing and operating, managing of the Chinese corner is supported by the Hanban.

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Chinese Language Program

Area Study Centre, Far East & Southeast Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro in collaboration with Hanban / Confucius Institute is organizing a short course (03 months) of the Chinese Language for faculty members, M.Phil and PhD research scholars of University of Sindh, Jamshoro.


Last Date of Registration: 23 January 2019
Venue: Conference Room, Area Study Centre, Far East & Southeast Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

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  • To promote Chinese culture and establish people to people contact of two countries.
  • To provide information about the society culture and Chinese language to the people of Pakistan.
  • To work together for promotion of education, research, arts, drama, literature etc.
  • To acquaint the people of Pakistan with the knowledge about the role of society and culture in the development of Chinese economy.


Area Study Centre, FEASEA Library Chinese Corner is located near the Institute of Sindhology. It is approximately 6 kilometers away from Hyderabad Toll Plaza. It is on the Super Highway that links with Karachi-the Capital of Sindh and the largest city of Pakistan. The distance from the Area Study Centre to Karachi is approximately 155 kilometers..


It is a great pleasure to extend my cordial congratulations to FESEA on the establishment of “Chinese Corner” in its library.

China and Pakistan are time-tested and all-weather friends. The establishment of “Chinese Corner” in the library of FESEA is another achievement of the goals that strengthen China-Pakistan friendship. I believe that the newly founded “Chinese Corner” in the library will bring China more closely to Pakistan and therefore to deepen understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and Pakistan.

FESEA's effort to make the "Chinese Corner" come into being is highly appreciated and I wish the "Chinese Corner" a great success.

Long Live China-Pakistan Friendship!

Sun Weidong
People's Republic of China in Islamabad.

Opening of Chinese Corner at the Area Study Centre, Far East & Southeast Asia, University of Sindh is a step forward in right direction. Being world’s largest trading power and 2nd biggest economy, the founding of the Chinese Corner hold great potential to promote understanding of the China’s road to progress besides further strengthening the bonds between the two brotherly countries. China is poised to further enhance policy of communicating with other countries, expand the convergence of the shared interests and explore possible areas of win-win cooperation. Having priorities of promoting connectivity, building overland economic corridors and people-to-people exchanges, it is high time that our universities come forward and create opportunities for the researcher and people alike to learn about Chinese economy, society, culture and language. Considering Pakistan-China recent unprecedented cooperation for development and growth, it has become even more important that in addition to housing artifact of Chinese culture, society, language, books and displays, the Chinese Corner evolve as an access for linking Pakistani Universities to Chinese counterparts, exploring opportunities for joint ventures for societal development, students and faculty exchanges, and working together for promotion of education, research, entrepreneurship, Arts, Drama, literature, etc. The Chinese Corner can serve a hub of information for connecting people with people in every possible manifestation. I look forward for an innovative and unique progress of Chinese Corner.

Professor Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed
Higher Education Commission (HEC)

I feel esteemed and write these lines with immense pleasure over the Establishment of Chinese Corner at the Area Study Centre, Far East & Southeast Asia, University of Sindh. Opening of the Chinese Corner in our University is great honor for all of us and very positive step to enlighten the students about the Chinese culture and language. It is great opportunity for the students of Sindh University in particular and youth of this land in general to learn and develop insight about the significance and role of society, culture and language of Chinese nation into their shining progress during recent years. Peaceful and smooth emergence of China has earned it great attention towards the vital role of the Chinese culture and society in the economic development of their country. I believe this will prove to be another milestone in bringing closer the people of two countries. I visualize the Chinese Corner will cater the needs of youth to get knowledge about the History, culture and language of the Chinese people which has guided them to make routes for phenomenal development in all aspects. The books, documents and other related material available at the Chinese Corner will enrich the students with knowledge about the Chinese society, culture, language and literature of Chinese people.

Professor Dr. Abida Taherani
Vice Chancellor
University of Sindh, Jamshoro

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